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Preparedness Topics

For Beginning Preppers: A Prepper’s List

A prepper is someone who realizes that emergency situations are likely to occur at some point in their life and proactively prepares for the worst. This preparation involves acquiring supplies necessary for survival, often things we take for granted like food, water and shelter. It also involves acquiring skills and knowledge to deal with any conceivable emergency situation. Continue reading

Flooding: Are You Prepared For This Natural Disaster?

FloodDo you know what to do, when a flood hits? Do you know how to prepare your home and your family for a flood? It’s not as unlikely an occurrence as you may think. Almost any part of the world is susceptible to some sort of flooding and the dangers that come with it. Even normally dry areas can experience flooding due to an atypical heavy rainfall, for example, as these places would also lack the capacity to handle the excess water. Continue reading

Pure Water: How Can You Be Sure In A Crisis?

pure waterEvery living organism needs water to survive, from the simple single cell organism to the most complex. In humans, water makes up almost 60% of the body. It plays a role in so many vital functions in the body. Besides being the main component of blood, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, it plays a role in dissolving vitamins and nutrients from food, flushing out waste, helping to regulate body temperature (link here to extreme heat article) and metabolism. Humans cannot live more than a few days without water. Continue reading

Are You Ready?: 5 Activities To Prepare For An Emergency

Are you ready for that unexpected emergency? Most people are not. Readiness is very pro-active and requires preparation both mentally and physically. This is a resource to help you ask the important questions and start the process of communication with your loved ones, which is so important. You must all think through these important questions and be on the same page together. You will also find some helpful tips regarding items you should purchase and have on hand and also know how to use. Continue reading