Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater Review

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The Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B is a highly rated indoor portable kerosene heater and with good reason. It is affordable, efficient, easy to use and can put out a lot of heat!

Kerosene heaters have been used safely to heat homes for well over a century. Modern heaters are often used for emergency heat during a power outage or to supplement an existing central heating system. The Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B is a great small kerosene heater that can be used for both of these purposes. It can be used to heat a home, a garage, a basement or even a closed in porch. If you are already familiar with this heater, you may want to check Amazon for the latest price and any available discounts. Otherwise, keep reading for details on this popular indoor kerosene heater.

What Are The Major Features Of This Portable Kerosene Heater

The Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B has similar features to the Sengoku CTN-110. It is slightly larger, though, and has a reach of up to 500 square feet.

– Weighs 20.9 pounts
– Product Dimensions: 22.3 x 11.9 x 19.3 inches
– With an automatic ignition (which requires 2 D batteries) and one-touch shut-off, it is quite easy to operate. Furthermore, its removable fuel tank makes refilling easy also.
– It produces 10,000 BTUs and can heat a large room up to 500 square feet. Furthermore, depending on the grade of kerosene used and the quality of the wick, this small kerosene heater will heat a room for up to 13 hours on a full 1 gallon tank of kerosene.
Safety shut-off switch in case the heater is tipped over
– This model is black, but it can also be purchased in Ivory (RMC-55R7).
– UL certified

How Does A Radiant Kerosene Heater Work?

Most radiant heaters, like the Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B, are rectanguar in shape and direct their heat outward in one direction. This one uses a mirrored backing behind the heating element to reflect the radiant heat waves to the room, where they are absorbed by people and objects in their path. As a result, this type of heat transfer makes radiant heaters ideal for smaller rooms or tight spaces where people are relatively close to the heating source. They are also excellent for poorly insulated or drafty spaces, since the heat is not lost to the air. Larger rooms are often better heated using convection heaters, but I have to say, this little radiant heater does a pretty good job heating a fairly large room up to 500 square feet.

What Type Of Kerosene Should You Use?

You definitely want to use K-1 kerosene.

What Wick Can You Use For Replacement?

DH-200 wicks and PW27-27 wicks can be used as replacement wicks for this Dyna-Glo. Here’s an instructional video for replacing a wick on an older model.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ease of use – automatic ignition and removable fuel tank
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • Because of the rectangular shape and single direction for heat propagation, the back side of the heater does not get hot. It can be placed against a wall and out of the way of traffic.
  • Great supplement to expensive electrical heat and ideal for emergency power outages

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  • As with most kerosene heaters, it can smell upon start-up and shut-down of the heater. A smell may persist, if the wick is not at the correct height. In this case, it needs to be either adjusted or replaced.
  • Another issue reported by some owners is the difficulty to adjust the wick to burn most efficiently.


As we have seen, portable kerosene heaters make excellent backup sources of heat during emergencies. Furthermore, they are also very useful for daily use and can potentially lower your heating costs. The Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7B is a very popular kerosene indoor heater. Though it is small, it can generate 10,000 BTUs to heat up a room up to 500 square feet. If you need to heat a larger space or if you don’t have circumstances that are ideal for a radiant heater, you can check out some more high quality kerosene heaters here.

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