Honda EU2000i Review – Best Portable Generator

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You may be looking for a portable generator for a number of reasons. Perhaps you want a small backup power source in case of an emergency either at home or on the road – many portable generators are compact and easy to transport in your car. Maybe you need a quiet portable generator to power lights and audio equipment for an outdoor party or on a camping trip. With so many choices of generators, a wide range of prices and different applications how do you find the right one? The Honda EU2000i is arguably the best 2000 watt generator on the market and may be what you’re looking for.

In this review, we will look at the major features of the Honda EU2000i – what you can do with it, how quiet it is compared with other models and what other factors distinguish it from the competition. If you wish to read on, you will find that this is a super quiet generator that is well made, fuel efficient, compact and portable. It just may be what you’re looking for.

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What Can You Power With The Honda EU2000i?

The EU2000i is a 2000 watt generator. This really means that it can produce a maximum of 2000 watts during a surge. For example, an electric motor (say in an air conditioner) requires an extra short burst of power on startup. Once it’s running though, it requires less power to continue. This 2000 watt generator is rated for 1600 watts, so it can provide 1600 watts of continuous power and 2000 watts maximum when needed for a short time.

So what can you run continuously on 1600 watts? It’s enough power for most individual home appliances and certainly enough to power most of your electronics – your TV, computer, smartphones and tablets. Here’s a short list of some typical household appliances and devices and their wattages:

Device Running Wattage Surge Wattage
Smartphone  5 watts 5 watts
Light bulb 60 watts 60 watts
Home computer 400 watts 600 watts
Keurig brewer  200-400 watts  1500 watts
Microwave oven 750 watts 1000 watts
Refrigerator 1200 watts 2400 watts

The running wattage sum for the devices being powered must be less than or equal to the generator’s rated wattage. Likewise, the surge wattage should be less than or equal to the generator’s maximum surge wattage. Surge wattage can be more than double the running wattage, for example, the Keurig brewer needs 3 times the power to heat the water during the first 3 minutes of starting up, then it drops down to 200-400 watts. To avoid overloading the generator, you can stagger the turning on of appliances to avoid the large surge that would come from turning several on at once. You can also effectively use this small generator by powering one or two appliances at a time as needed. Here’s some more information and tips to help you understand your power needs.

Will This Generator Safely Power My Electronics?

Yes! The Honda EU2000i is an inverter generator, which is a technology that provides clean power very similar to what you get in your home. You would definitely want an inverter generator power your sensitive electronic devices.

Can You Charge Your Car Battery With It?

One of the features of this portable generator is a 12V DC output that can be used to charge your car battery. Since the Honda EU2000i is compact and can easily be placed in the trunk of your car, this is a handy feature. You would need to purchase DC charging cables, which you can find here at Amazon.

Is the Honda EU2000i Portable?

Honda EU2000i Generator.

This generator is very easily transported. It weighs only 46 pounds and is quite compact making it possible for a single person to carry it. This is a characteristic of most inverter generators. Honda also offers a cart for moving the EU2000i longer distances.

How Loud Is The Honda EU2000i?

This generator produces 53 to 59 decibels (dB) of sound depending on the load. At 1/4 load, it will produce about 53dB and at a rated load of 1600 watts about 59dB. Amazingly, the noise level produced is less than a regular conversation! In other words, the noise from the running generator will mostly blend in with normal background noise. This is one of the most desirable features in a generator that will be used in a residential setting or at a campsite. A loud generator will annoy you (and the neighbors), and many areas have noise level requirements.

Furthermore, there is a risk of ear damage with extended exposure to noise levels over 85 decibels. This level of noise is not likely with inverter generators, because of their construction and technology. It is definitely something to be aware of though, when working with power equipment in general.

How Long Will The Honda EU2000i Run?

On a full tank of .95 gallons of gas, the run time of the EU2000i ranges between 3.4 hours to 8.1 hours, again depending on the load. So if the generator is running at full rated capacity of 1600 watts, you can expect about 3.4 hours of runtime and up to 8.1 hours at 1/4 capacity (about 400 watts).

This ability to adjust fuel consumption according to load is a feature that distinguishes inverter generators from conventional generators. Honda’s Eco Throttle automatically adjusts the engine speed according to the load. This allows it to perform at maximum fuel efficiency and provide amazing run times.

How Can You Maintain The Honda EU2000i?

The primary maintenance tasks include the following:

  • Changing the oil regulary using 10W-30 oil
  • Cleaning or replacing dirty air filters
  • Replacing a damaged spark plug

These are easily done by the owner after removing the maintenance cover.

Is The Honda EU2000i Easy To Operate?

This generator is quite easy to operate. Some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Use unleaded gasoline with this generator
  2. Operate it in a ventilated area
  3. Allow the generator to run for at least 2 minutes without any load
  4. Before stopping, unplug all appliances from the generator
  5. Allow the engine to cool before setting the vent switch to the ‘Off’ position

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Running Two Honda EU2000i Generators In Parallel

A great feature of this generator is the ability to run two EU2000i generators in parallel to get double the power output. As your power needs increase, you don’t need to replace your generator. You can buy an additional EU2000i and run the two in parallel to get a maximum 4000 watt output. It’s worth noting that the next Honda inverter generator in the series, the EU3000i, which offers 3000 watt max is more than double the cost of the EU2000i. It’s an amazing generator, with all the features of the EU2000i plus the greater output. With 2 Honda EU2000i’s, however, you can acquire more power for less cost. 

Can You Connect A Honda EU2000i To Your Home To Power Home Appliances?

You can connect your generator to your home via a transfer switch. A transfer switch is a device that can be installed close to the electrical panel in your home. You would connect it to the circuits on your electrical panel that you want to power during an outage. Your generator would then connect to the transfer switch to power those devices rather than running extension cords to the individual appliances. The video below introduces the steps to installing a transfer switch and the benefits, although a different generator is showcased.

Where Can You Buy A Honda EU2000i?

Amazon is a great place to buy most things, including generators. There, you will find the whole line of Honda inverter generators and those of Honda’s competitors. You can compare costs, discounts, features and customer reviews to narrow your decision. You can also check out accessories and find everything  you need in one place (for the most part). I have also had good experiences with customer service and being able to return items when needed.

What Warranty Is Available?

Honda generators come with a 3 year warranty, which surpasses most of its competition. This speaks to the reliability that you get from Honda products.

How Does The Honda EU2000i Compare With Other Portable Generators?

The Honda EU2000i is certainly at the top of its class among 2000 watt generators. Sharing the top position is another very reliable and well made generator, the Yamaha EF2000iS. You will find that most features are comparable, as well as the price. You can find some more information in this article about top ranking inverter generators that are ideal for camping. 

What Are Some Common Accessories?

Some common accessories you may want to consider getting with a Honda EU2000i:

Parallel Cables to connect two EU2000i’s and double the power output 

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Storage Cover to protect your generator while not in use

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DC Charging Cord is needed to connect your generator to your car battery to charge it.

Check the DC charging cord at Amazon





Anti-Theft Bracket will help prevent theft of this portable generator. 

Check the anti-theft bracket at Amazon

Summary Of The Main Features

  • 1600 rated watts/ 2000 surge watts inverter generator
  • It’s a super quiet generator with noise levels between 53-59dB
  • It is easy to carry, weighing less than 46 pounds
  • Fuel efficient using Honda’s Eco Throttle technology to adjust engine speed according the load. As a result, you can potentially get up to 8.1 hours of run time on about a gallon of gas.
  • It offers stable power that is safe for charging your electronics (smartphones, computers and more).
  • Ability to run two EU2000i generators and parallel and double the power output
  • 12V DC output that can be used to jump start your car. This feature does require a separate purchase of charging cables (see accessories above).
  • An automatic shutoff switch if the oil level drops too low. This feature will prevent damage to your expensive generator!
  • The Honda EU2000i is CARB compliant.


The EU2000i is probably the best 2000 watt generator available. The Honda brand comes through in this well made and reliable generator. It also comes through in the price. The higher cost is well worth it for the peace of mind you get knowing that your generator will work and perform as expected when you need it. If you can afford it, this is the one to get.

Having said that, there are other great and reliable 2000 watt generators that are less expensive and will most likely meet your power needs. You can find reviews of some of the most popular portable inverter generators here:

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