Kipor Generators: Portable And Quiet

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kipor-2600-watt-power-generatorKipor is a company that specializes in providing power solutions, including generators, engines, transporters and pumps. In this article, we’ll focus on reviewing some popular Kipor portable generators, which range between 770 watts and 6000 watts, offering a wide range applications.

When considering what generator you need, the key is to know what you want to use it for. The smaller portable generators are ideal for transporting to remote locations, like when going camping or setting up for an outdoor party where electricity is needed to power lights and maybe some audio equipment. Likewise, the larger and less portable generators are ideal for providing backup power to your homes, businesses or maybe workshops. The applications are actually pretty endless.

After understanding your power needs, it’s a matter of finding the one that best meets your financial and usage requirements. By usage requirements, I mean one that will live up to your expectations. If you plan on using it frequently or under harsh conditions, you will need a long lasting and durable generator, which will generally cost more. If you’re keeping a portable generator around just for emergencies, it may not be cost effective for you to get the highest end generator.

Let’s get started!

What Is An Inverter Generator?

Since all the models of Kipor generators we are evaluating in this article are inverter generators, we’ll take a few minutes to explain what an inverter generator is, and why this technology is so beneficial. An inverter generator is a generator that combines technologies of inverters, which convert power from a DC source to AC (alternating current like what we get in our homes from the power company) and traditional generators which use energy from fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel to produce electricity.

Like traditional generators, inverter generators burn fuel to produce AC power. It then converts the AC power to DC power before converting it back to AC. That process of converting DC to AC power using inverter technology is what produces the steady clean power needed to power sensitive equipment. It also results in quieter performance and higher fuel efficiency.

What Can You Power With A Kipor IG770?

The Kipor IG770 uses inverter technology allowing it to provide clean power for computers and other sensitive electronics. With a rated output of 700 watts, it can only power small loads, for example electronics or some small compact appliances like blenders. Here is a short list of some devices with power consumptions under 700 Watts.

Cell Phone 24 Watts
Laptop  60-90 Watts
25″ TV  175 Watts
Computer 400 Watts
Blender  400 Watts

The IG770 can power a combination of these, as long as the sum of their power usage is less than 700 Watts. We’ll compare this with some of the other larger models below.

This generator is extremely compact and small weighing only 23 lbs! It is easily transported making it ideal for taking on camping trips or even just to keep in the car as an emergency power source on the road. Furthermore, it is very quiet with noise levels ranging from 60-65 dB, which is right about conversation level!

Fuel efficiency is a great feature. It contains a .5 Gal tank giving it 3 hours of continuous operation at the rated load of 700 Watts.

What Can You Power With A Kipor IG1000P?

Like all generators in this series, the Kipor IG1000 uses inverter technology to produce pure AC power output. The reduction in noise is due to a two-tiered dampening system. As a result, the generator is 10-15 decibels quieter than most traditional generators, .

The IG1000P has an additional feature. It can be operated in parallel with another IG1000P, IG2000P or IG26000P to provide additional power. This does require an optional parallel kit.

Kipor IG2000P: What Are The Benefits Of Parallel Operation?

Kipor IG2000Like the IG1000P, the Kipor IG2000P can be operated in parallel with an IG1000P, IG26000P or another IG2000P generator to provide additional power. It is larger but still light weight at 48.5 lbs and very easy to transport to your recreational destination or to be used at home.

With a maximum output of 2000 watts and rated output of 1600 watts, a single IG2000P can power a small refrigerator, microwave oven, or a portable heater. In parallel with another generator, it is possible to start and run a 13,500 BTU air conditioner!

The option to run generators in parallel does offer a certain degree of versatility, as two smaller units are easier to transport than a large 3000 watt unit, for example. You also then have the option of using each generator in a different location for a different application, if needed.

What Can You Do With A Kipor IG2600H?

Kipor’s IG2600H provides 2300 watts rated output allowing many more applications. The IG2600HP has the additional feature of parallel generator operation like the previous two models. As with those models, it also requires an optional parallel kit. With two IG2600HP’s running in parallel, you have over 5000 watts of power to run large appliances making it an excellent backup generator for your major power needs at home in case of a power outage.

Although it is larger and heavier than previous models mentioned (68 lbs), it is still an excellent portable generator that can be easily transported, as it is equipped with a retractable pull-pipe and handle assembly and wheels.

On a full tank of 1.32 gallons, it will run for three hours at full capacity.

Do You Need More Power?

IG3000To handle your larger power needs, Kipor also offers the IG3000W, IG3000E, IG4300, IG5000E and IG6000 Digital Generators! All use inverter technology to produce the high quality pure power to safely run electronic equipment.

The IG3000W differs from the IG3000E in that it is implements a noise dampening system to run with a reduced noise level. The IG3000E was made for settings where noise is not an issue like construction sites. Otherwise, they both offer the same power output, capable of running a 13,500 BTU air conditioner and long run times.


This Kipor line of inverter generators is very impressive. All of these generators have the following features in common:

1. Utilize inverter technology to produce clean power which can power sensitive devices and appliances safely
2. Portable
3. Compact design
4. Light weight compared to traditional generators offering similar power output
4. Have EPA, CE, CETL and PSE certifications (IG770 also has CARB)
5. Come with an accessory kit, which includes 12 Volt DC charge cables as well as other accessories
6. Employ Smart Throttle to automatically adjust engine speed according to the load resulting in fuel efficiency and longer run times

Furthermore, the IG1000P, IG2000P and IG2600HP all have the capability to operate in parallel, which provides increased power with a great deal of versatility.

Whatever your power needs, you’re likely to find the right generator among this impressive live of portable inverter generators by Kipor.

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  2. Sue

    Thanks for providing the formula to figure out which size of generator would be best! That is great information to have and I like that it is providing power that will work smoothly with our devices.

  3. Kris

    I wish I knew about these earlier! When I moved to Canada four years ago, I brought a fancy kitchen device from Europe with me. Of course, it required a different power source. Because a simple power converter was not enough, I was told to get a power generator. I didn’t know much anything about home generators and ended up buying a very heavy, large and loud device. Let’s even forget about moving it around! Well, with this little portable Kipor we could do a garden party 🙂

  4. AnnaMaria

    Inverter generators are something out of my realm, so thanks for helping me understand what and how to use them. Looks a must for electronics to charge with. I had no idea so thanks for the guidelines and choices.

  5. Sharon

    Thanks for reviewing these different generators and explaining what inverter means. Living in a hurricane prone state we’re looking for something to ‘get us by’ during the inevitable blackout hours following a big storm without drowning out the whole neighborhood with unnecessary noise. Either the Kipor IG770 or the Kipor IG1000 look like they’ll do the job of powering up our essentials.


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