Sengoku CV-23K KeroHeat Convection Heater Review

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The Sengoku CV-23K KeroHeat Convection Heater is small kerosene space heater that can produce 23,500 BTUs, enough energy to heat a room of 900 square feet! Since it does not run on electricity, it is an excellent emergency heat source with many benefits for everyday use.

Convection kerosene heaters are very good for heating large spaces, as opposed to radiant heaters, which are more ideal for smaller spaces or spaces where warm air easily escapses likes poorly insulated rooms. For example, the Sengoku CV-23K produces more than twice as much heat as the Sengoku CTN-110 radiant heater and can heat a space more than twice the size.

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What Are The Major Features Of The Sengoku CV-23K?

  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 18.5 x 25.5 inches
  • Produces 23,500 BTUs and can heat a room up to 900 square feet
  • No electricity is needed to operate it, so it ideal for emergency situations
  • Battery operated siphon makes it easy to fill
  • Easy push button start
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Fuel capacity of 1.9 gallons giving up to 12 hours of heat on a full tank
  • 2 year limited warranty

Check the owner’s manual for more detailed information on features and maintenance.

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What Are Some More Characteristics Of Convection Kerosene Heaters?

Convection involves the transfer of heat from the heater to the surrounding space through the movement of the heated air. In a drafty or poorly insulated room, this can be somewhat wasteful and less effective. Radiant heaters may be better suited for such spaces, as they transfer heat directly to objects and people in the room without loss to the air. The electromagnetic waves produced by radiant heaters are absorbed by the objects in the room, thus warming them directly.

Convection heaters are usually round, thus they allow heat to spread out in all directions and heat an entire room equally. For the same reason, they need to be placed in the center of the room and away from flammable objects for the room to heat evenly.

It is always wise to have a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector near the heater. Furthermore, there should be plenty of ventilation. Keep the door cracked or the windows in the room opened slightly. Here are some good tips for kerosene heater safety. Also, running a ceiling or a floor fan in the room can help circulate the warm air throughout the room and house.

What Do I Need To Know About Adjusting And Replacing The Wick?

First of all, a kerosene heater should not be left unattended, as you may need to occasionally adjust the wick to maintain the flames at 1/2″ height above the burner. This is in order to get the proper combustion and optimal performance. You can adjust the wick height and thus the flame using the wick adjuster knob. Also, note that wick adjustment is to create a clean burning flame and not to control room temperature. To adjust the temperature, you would simply need to either turn the heater on or off. You can find more detailed information on wick maintenance and replacement in the owner’s manual.

Pros And Cons


  • As it puts out 23,000 BTUs, this small kerosene space heater heats up a room very quickly!
  • Easy to refill, start and stop
  • The automatic safety shut-off in case the heater is accidentally tipped over.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It’s possible to cook over the top guard of the heater.

Check out this video, if you want to learn more about using a kerosene convection heater for cooking. This feature is also quite handy during an emergency. 


  • The kerosene smells on start-up and shut-down
  • Handle is a little flimsy. Caution should be taken, especially when trying to carry it, while it’s full of kerosene. 
  • Kerosene heaters are illegal in some jurisdictions. You can find out about restrictions in your location by contacting your local fire department or fire marshal.


The Sengoku CV-23K KeroHeat Convection Heater generates an amazing amount of heat for such a small unit! You can use it to heat a space up to 900 square feet making it perfect for a large room, an apartment or even small house. Some people even use it as their only heat source during winter months by simply moving it to different parts of their home as needed. There are some negatives mentioned above, but overall, this heater is quite affordable, efficient and safe when safety precautions are followed.

Perhaps your needs are different, and the Sengoku CV-23K doesn’t meet them. For example, this heater may be a bit overkill, if you only need to heat a small space. Also, a radiant heater may be more ideal for you situation if, for example, you’re trying to heat a poorly insulated space where a convection heater would be much less efficient. If this is the case, take a look at some alternative kerosene heaters here. There’s a mix of popular convection and radiant kerosene heaters, where you will hopefully find one or a combination to meet your heating needs.

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