Portable Generators: Which Are The Quietest?

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You might have been wondering why your generator is too loud and yet you can barely hear the one at the neighbor’s house. Most modern generators have been designed for high performance while producing very low intensities of sound.

Sound intensity is measured with units known as decibels. The higher the decibels the louder the sound. If your generator is very loud, it is time to replace it with a quieter one. Join me through this article to learn all you need to know about quiet generators.

Quiet But Powerful: Honda EU3000is Generator

Honda EU3000is Generator.

Honda EU3000is Generator.

It has a powerful engine.

Its engine is made of 6.5 hp four stroke overhead valve with one cylinder and a super cooler system for smooth operations. It delivers an outstanding 3000 watts at its peak and 2800 watts rated power. With such an incredible amount of power it can run most household tools and provide for most of your domestic power needs.

Regular generators can harm your appliances due to power surges and unstable AC power output. The clean power provided by this generator, due greatly to the implementation of Honda’s inverter technology, in addition to its high output, makes it the perfect choice for your most valuable electronic devices such as phones and computers and high end appliances.

I guess the reason you found yourself reading this was to get the best quiet generator, right? Producing 3000 watts this generator is an achiever with a super low noise intensity of between 48 to 58 decibels. This is less than the noise that comes from a normal conversation. The truth is, you will never get a high performing and quiet generator like this one on the market. This generator is ideal for camping ventures due to its low noise level allowing you to enjoy only the sounds of nature.

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What Decibel Range Should You Expect From A Quiet Generator?

Before we even talk about the noise level of a quiet generator, it is important to establish what decibels are. A decibel (db) is a unit used to measure the intensity of sound. Your ears can hear everything from a jet engine to your hands brushing on your skin. What decibel range is acceptable, then, for a quiet generator? This question is very relative. It also depends on your location and how you will use the generator.

For households living in urban areas, there are several city and HOA codes which regulate the amount of noise produced on a property. Generally, there is a limit of approximately 75 decibels in most areas since prolonged noises with high decibel levels can result in physiological discomfort for most people. This is why it’s worthwhile to take time to find a super quiet generator for your home. There are several high quality portable generators that produce the power you need without getting you in trouble with the local authorities.

If you are living in rural areas where there are no regulations on noise level, the need for a super quiet generator is more about your comfort, safety and enjoyment than anything else. Under certain circumstances, you may want your generator to run all through the night without generating too much noise to interrupt your sleep. In this case, I suggest a generator that is 50-60 decibel or less. With such generators, you may not be even able to hear it as it runs, depending on where you have placed it.

As mentioned above, a normal conversation has the noise level of about 60 decibels, while your neighbor’s lawn mower produces around 90 decibels. From this example, it is evident that a generator with 50 decibels is perfect for anybody and for all places.

What Are The Best Quiet Generators?

Below is a short review of several popular models known for their low noise levels.

Generac iQ2000

The Generac iQ2000 is one of the quietest if not the quietest 2000 watt portable inverter generator on the market. Its feature-full control panel provide a lot of important information to the owner. These features include low fuel and oil indicators, remaining run time according to the current load and a power bar that tells you the load at any point in time.

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Yamaha EF2000iS

The Yamaha EF2000iS portable generator is among the most popular. It produces a maximum 2000 watts (and rated for 1600). It is very quiet and easily transported. Furthermore, as expected with Yamaha, the quality and dependability of this product are superior.


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All Power America APG3014

The primary feature of All Power America APG3014 portable generator is its light weight and portability. It only weighs around 60 pounds meaning that you can take it with you when camping. It only consumes about I gallon of gasoline and is fairly quiet at 68 decibels ensuring that you will not disturb your neighbours or get into conflicts with the local authorities. It has a peak surge power of 2,000 watts, just to make sure that you get all the power you need on startup of the appliance you’re powering.

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Westinghouse WH1000i

This particular quiet generator has all of its working mechanisms fully covered minimizing the risk of any damage. The Westinghouse WH1000i runs on a 4 stroke 420 cc valve engine. It is popular because it has an electric starter that is extremely reliable. Furthermore, this generator is ideal for an RV or even just for portability purposes. Though it is a little louder than other generators, it is ideal during emergencies, since it starts really fast. It has a noise intensity of about 59 decibels and can produce up to 1000 watts. 59 decibels is not that loud since a normal conversation is 60 decibels. If you have a low budget for a generator, you might do well to try this one. It will not let you down.

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Duromax 4400E

If you are looking for a power source to run several appliances at home at the same time, you are going to require a quiet generator with more than 4000 surge watts to achieve it. With this generator you will get the power requirements you need for most of your household situations. Though it will not run the entire home, it will run your most essential appliances for a long period.

It also comes with a 120/240v 30amp twistable lock outlet that enables you to run all of your appliances without issues. With a 7HP engine it is certainly one of the best quiet portable generators in the market

This generator consumes around 4 gallons of gasoline for a straight 8 hours of operation with an output of 4400 watts. It has a normal noise of 65 decibels making it one of the most quiet generators in its class.

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Kipor IG2600H

Ranging between 58-65 decibels from no load to full load, this is also a very quiet generator for its class. It offers 2300 watts rated output and has the capability of running in parallel with another Kipor generator to increase output. Kipor offers a great line of quiet portable generators ranging from 700 – 6000 watts.

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Champion 1500w

The simplicity of this generator makes it one of the best investments in the field of quiet generators. With just a couple of pulls, you are ready to go. The Champion 1500w can power most of your household appliances, though it is important to note that a generator of this size will not power all of them at once.

It runs for a remarkable period of 10 hours for only 2 gallons of gasoline even when the generator is working at full capacity. It is also one of the quietest with a sound intensity of 65 decibels.

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Honda EU1000i

Honda generators are known to be some of the most efficient quiet generators. This model is not an exceptional. It can produce a maximum voltage of 12o v or 1000 watts, enough power to run most of your home appliances. It is perfect for emergencies and it can power lights, TVs fans and smaller tools. The most striking characteristic of this generator is its low intensity of noise. It produces a noise of about 58 to 65 decibels and weighs less than 29 pounds. It is fuel efficient running for 8 hours with only 0.6 gallons of gasoline

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Honda EU3000i Handi

We mentioned this one at the beginning of the article. As with all of Honda’s models, it also has outstanding features that you should consider. It can produce up to 3000 watts at 120 volts. This is one the lightest 3000 watt generators ever made at 78 lbs. It features a compact design with offset handles for easy carrying and moving. It also has wheels which give you the freedom to use this generator in any place that you want, and just like all other Honda generators it has an incredibly low noise intensity at only 48 to 58 decibel when running at full capacity. That is lower than a normal conversation!

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Which Is The Best Generator For Camping?

Most people who like to camp ask the question, “Which is the best camping generator?” Answering this question can be tricky and difficult; however, I have some suggestions based on what I have learned over the years.

The first thing to consider is the portability of the generator. The second is how quiet the generator is. Third and  last is the fuel efficiency of the generator.

Honda Portable Generators

Honda is credited for having a line of super quiet generators called the EU series. They offer a wide range of power output with the highest being 6500 watts and the lowest being 1000 watts. The EU3000Is and the EU2000i are rated at 53 to 59 decibels. With the EU3000i rating precisely at 57 to 65 while the EU3000iS rating at a considerably low range of 49 to 58 decibels.

it is evident from the above comparisons that Honda generators are super quit and highly portable. They are also very efficient, so you don’t need to worry about bringing enough gas for your camping outing. They are also eco-friendly, since they do not emit large volumes of exhaust gases into the air. This is also a relief to those who don’t like the smell of burned fuel. Sit back relax and enjoy the camping experience.

Which One Is The Best?

In my opinion, the Honda Eu3000is Generator out performs the rest. If you consider the amount of power output it can provide in addition to the other features mentioned above, it is certainly at the top of its class. Of course, this also comes with a higher price tag.

It has a powerful engine delivering 3000 peak and 2800 rated watts plus it provides clean power all the time and super low noise levels that surpass many of its competitors. Finally, its portable design makes it ideal for both domestic and camping purposes. Portability is a principle feature that you would want in a generator. This generator weighs only 130 pounds and has two handles, so two people should be able to carry it easily. You can also buy a wheel kit for this generator giving you the freedom to move it on your own.

This generator has received a 5/5 rating on Amazon, since it delivers what it says. If you can, give it a try!

Where Can I Buy A Super Quiet Generator?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with generators. The demand has increased greatly for high-performing portable generators. Several home goods stores have these generators in stock. You can visit them or even easier, purchase them on-line. You can also find specs for several different generators on-line and countless reviews to help you make an informed decision. Best of luck find the one that suits your needs and enriches your life!

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  2. Silke

    Thank you for this great article and making a point about noise. We recently camped close to a family with a very old, noisy generator and don’t want to end up annoying future neighbors like that.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks for your comment! A quiet generator makes all the difference for a good camping experience for yourself and the people around. Glad you visited and liked the article!

  3. Admin Post author

    Thanks for your comment! A quiet generator makes all the difference for a good camping experience for yourself and the people around. Glad you visited and liked the article!

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    Thank you for all this information, it’s great that you included the decibel level for each one, it really helps decide between them, especially when the volume levels are a deciding point for me!!! Thank you.

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    Thanks for the article- good review on a whole lot of generators, its helped me make a better choice. i am liking the Yamaha EF2000iS, its going to be small enough to pack with the rest of our stuff when we go camping, and still enough power to be a valuable asset. Cheers

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    This article is really helpful. Now I have a reference point on what the decibel ratings mean in real life, it makes it much easier to decide on a quiet generator. The Honda one you mentioned seems to be ideal for me and my family. Now can you tell me how you can reduce the decibels coming from my kids………!?

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    This article is so cool. I’ve had and used generators in the past, but would always get annoyed at the loudness of it. It’s really incredible to see such power output at such low decibels. And how great to take on my next kayak camping trip – it’ll totally fit – the Yamaha EF2000iS. Totally terrific article. Thanks for sharing!

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